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5 Strategies That Will Grow Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

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How to Nurture and Grow Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

When we talk about growth, or growing your nonprofit Facebook Page, we’re not talking about increasing the number of likes on your Page. While that will probably be one of your outcomes, it’s not our main goal. What we want to see is an increase in the engagement on your Page:

  • More supporters liking, commenting on and sharing your content.
  • New supporters finding your content and engaging with it.
  • An overall increase in average engagement per post.

These goals will move the needle for your cause and should be your main objective. Here’s how to grow your nonprofit Facebook Page in five steps.

Strat-1: Create a Publishing Ritual

Pages that consistently post content have a better chance of growing an engaged audience than Pages that don’t. We recommend posting at least 2–3 times a day, Monday through Friday. Bonus points if you post more than that per day or if you post on weekends.

Posting this often is easier than it seems.

Step 1: Plan ahead. Stay 1 to 2 weeks in front by creating batches of posts. Sit down at the beginning of the week and create a batch of posts. Feel free to leave room for timely posts that will come later that week.

Step 2: Look back at your previous week. See any posts that performed really well? Post them again this week. The folks who saw them the first time around won’t see them the second time. Facebook makes sure of this.

Step 3: Schedule your posts. This is especially handy for weekends or weeks that you’re gone.

Grow Your Nonprofit Facebook Page posting

Don’t be afraid to reuse your own high-performing content and make sure that you monitor your Facebook insights data so that you don’t keep publishing things that get no traction.

Strat-2: Post a Variety of Content Types

Facebook is crafty; it knows what types of content each user prefers and delivers these more often. So if you only post images, you’re not reaching the folks who like links. Posting something of everything will fix this and let you reach as many potential supporters and their networks as possible.

Roll up those sleeves and perform a content audit. Look at your content and ask yourself how much variety you see. What’s the spread feel like? Too much video? Too many memes? Not enough written posts?

Don’t drive yourself insane with this. Just mix it up, that’s all. Over time, your audience will tell you what works best.

Strat-3: Share Proven High-Performing Content

Okay, try looking at the Internet in this very basic way:

10% are creating the best content that everyone loves to consume. This goes for all types.

20% spend their time consuming, curating and sharing content. These are the content bearers and ambassadors.

70% pretty much do nothing but consume.

Obviously it would be awesome to be in the 10% group; but even if you are, without the sharers in your network, it’s all for naught. There are tons of amazing content online that no one’s seeing, reading or engaging with because when it’s published, no one knows about it.

The 20% group is the engine that drives the Internet. So join the show and become known for sharing the best and most relevant content with your supporter base. This is going to grow your nonprofit’s Facebook Page in and of itself!

How will you find said amazing content? Make use of the Inspiration tool!


Grow Your Nonprofit Facebook Page inspiration

Become a powerful source of information and shareable content for your supporters. Your publishing schedule should be littered with shared content.

Strat-4: Don’t Lose Your Humanity

It’s crazy-easy to slip into a weird version of yourself that doesn’t sound natural. In a way, the online world is dehumanizing things, wouldn’t you say? You get into the rhythm of creating, curating and sharing content; and if you’re not careful, your inspiration and enthusiasm will melt away.

To avoid this, create a “voice” for your nonprofit.

How to Fashion a Nonprofit Persona

Again, no need to jump off the cliff of complexity here. Just ask yourself this question:

If my nonprofit were a person, what would they sound and behave like?

Based on recent data, this person should be jovial by nature, passionate, interested, active and always on the lookout for sharing inspirational content. Plus, they need to be relatable! Here are a few tips:

  • Before you post anything, take special care to analyze the voice and vibe.
  • Make sure your comments, intro-blurbs, prompt-language, etc. sounds natural.
  • Whenever possible, ask someone else to take a peek and verify that the voicing is right.
  • Have fun!

Strat-5: Never Stop Learning & Experimenting

First, never stop learning. Facebook is constantly evolving and changing, and your nonprofit Facebook Page should be evolving with it. Keep your eyes and ears open for news, updates or upcoming changes. The faster you can change your strategy accordingly, the better.

The second half is a bit more fun: Experiment and take chances!

Your publishing ritual should be fluid, proactive and reactive. Have fun, experiment, try new things! Let’s say that again…


What works for one Page may not work for yours. The only way to find out is to experiment with new and different content and react accordingly. Mind you, this doesn’t have to be anything too crazy.

What strategies work for you? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!